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About Course

Practical physiology is complimentary to the theoretical discussions in
physiology. Practicals allow the verification of physiological processes discussed
in theory classes through experiments on living tissue, intact animals or normal
human beings. This is helpful for developing an insight on the subject

Course Content

1. Study of compound microscope

2. Microscopic study of epithelial and connective

3. Microscopic study of muscular and nervous tissue

4. Identification of axial bones

5. Identification of appendicular bones

6. Introduction to hemocytometry

7. Enumeration of white blood cell (WBC) count

8. Enumeration of total red blood corpuscles (RBC) count

9. Determination of bleeding time

10. Determination of clotting time

11. Estimation of hemoglobin content

12. Determination of blood group.

13. Determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate

14. Determination of heart rate and pulse rate

15. Recording of blood pressure.

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