RCPHS at Glance

If any student at the Institute feels that he /she has been treated unfairly, they are encouraged to follow the procedures put in place by the college to help students and staff work together in a positive way.

The level at which the perceived injustice or circumstance happened should be brought up for discussion by the student.

Grievable matters

A student grievance is a written complaint filed by a student against a untoward situation alleging a violation of institutional policy or procedure.

Procedure for OFFLINE Application

A written letter, signed by the student who is filing the grievance, is required for any grievances filed offline. These items should be included in your letter:

  • Incident description.
  • Provide the names of any suspects you have.
  • The current time and date.
  • Anyone who may have seen what happened or who may have information about what happened.

Procedure for ONLINE Application

A grievance may be submitted online through (…………)

Non-Grievable matters

A student is not supposed to use this procedure for grievances related to the matters of claim of discrimination or other conduct that falls within the jurisdiction of the Sexual Misconduct or ragging.

Functions and Responsibilities

The objective of the GRC is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the college.

  • Any student should feel free to lodge a complaint.
  • Complaint should be made to GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE through offline or through online mode.

GRC Committee


Contact number

Prof. U. S. Mishra


Prof. S. K. Sahoo


Prof. A. K. Mahapatra


Prof. R. R. Sarangi


Prof. G.S. Pasa


Prof. M. S. Khandai