1. Title of the Practice

    Meeting community requirements

    1. Objectives ofthe Practice
    • To serve society through community services.
    • Make sure that everyone, especially the poor and the economically challenged people, can afford to get the healthcare they need.
    • Encourage use of generic medicine.
    • Create more job opportunities.
    1. The purpose

    So, far there are more than 8500 PMBJKs centre across the country where high quality generic medicines, surgical products and consumables are dispensed. Post initiation from PCI for pharmacy institutes to be part of this, our college in the year 2017 started the store in campus aiming to help the impoverished and underprivileged in local communities along with students and staffs.

    1. The Sequence followed
    • The store is opened from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and even at on calls.
    • During covid when people were is real need we carried out on call services.
    • Free blood sugar testing and free blood pressure measurement campus are conducted at times.
    • Through the store we try to train our students for possible entrepreneurship.
    1. Where we stand
    • Praise received from local people indicate the way of our functioning.
    • The sale of few products like mouth rinses, anti-septic solution, multi vitamins, sanitary napkins etc. depicts the way people are adopting to generics.
    • Since inception our purchase stands at a value of Rs. 182906 till date while sales are at Rs. 200758/- indicating that people are slowly moving towards generic system which are at affordable cost.


    1. Notes 
    • Keeping present scenario in mind our institute believes that in future, for the sake of health care management basically considering economic status generic will be more in demand thus we try to keep abreast with the same.


    1. Title of the Practice


    1. Objectives ofthe Practice
    • To serve as a bridge between the aspirants and potential employers as well as help students have experience about the work environment of the industries, medicals, market scenario or other professional units.
    • To fulfill the staff requirements of potential employers with the primary goal to contribute towards health acre as well as economic growth.
    • To help students learn about the entrepreneurial skills so that they can contribute to the society by acting as a job provider.
    • The Purpose

    Most of our students are from rural areas belonging to middle or lower strata of economic. These students mostly join with the aim of getting good jobs after completion of their course. So, our Training and Placement (T&P) cell always keeps an eye right from year of admission on the students and their needs.  Right from beginning T&P trains students and arranges all facilities to help them be in touch with the potential companies that are in need of man power.

    Even the sub cell of Entrepreneurship and Strat up Cell inspires students to develop creative thinking so that they start to learn about creation of new jobs.

    • The Sequence followed
    • Every year after the Orientation Program, briefings from the Director and Principal to the students on the various career paths open to Pharmacy professionals, the Training and Placement Officer (TPO) explains the T&P cell activities and procedure followed in the college.
    • The T&P cell lists out the organizations that would impart the hands on training to the students. They collect the list of interested candidates opting to receive training in various departments based on their interest like Production, QA and QC, packing, microbiology unit etc.
    • Students are given special training through T&P cell, skill development professional for communication and CV building ideas along with personality development, so that the students can professionally present themselves.
    • T&P cell takes all steps and measures for on campus and off campus drives through out the year by consulting with the HR managers or other key persons of the industry.
    • CVs of the candidates that meet the requirements of the positions that are open are shared with the company after institutional short-listing and interviews arrangements are done.
    • Some times pre interview talks are arranged with the company experts to give idea about the company to the students. The entrepreneurial skills are developed through various programs for all admitted batches of the students.
    • Where we stand
    • The placement of the students in numerous pharmaceutical giants like Cipla, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, IPCA, Cognizant, Macleods, Fresenius Kabi, Zydus Cadila, Tropiox Pvt. Ltd. Lupin, Apollo, Hetero Drugs, Sun Pharma, Bharat Biotech etc. speak about the success of the efforts laid by T&P.
    • Being inspired by entrepreneurship few of our students have started their own firms and are now generating scopes for employment opportunities for others.
    • Challenges
    • Lack of well-established pharmaceutical industries in the state.
    • Lack of communication ability of students due to low confidence in English language.
    • Frequent change of mind set of a student for selection of job positions.
    • Notes 
    • Keeping present scenario in mind our institute believes that in future, for the sake of health care management as well as economic balance, emphasis should given for job creators. In order to fulfill this, the Entrepreneur and Start up-Cell initiatives have become more proactive.