Research Policy 

The Faculty of the Royal College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hold the view that Teaching & Research are interdependent and should be treated as such. Our college has taken aggressive measures to foster a research environment conducive to the development of a research culture and a scientific temperament in its faculty and students. Students and teachers alike can look to the Research Committee for guidance on matters of institutional policy. This policy was developed with the hope of fostering an atmosphere at the institute where researchers and faculty may work together productively and with a sense of camaraderie and purpose.


  1. To promote a high-caliber research atmosphere at the institute.
  2. To furnish the necessary resources and infrastructure in accordance with the established norms and standards for research.
  3. To make sure the journals are reputable ones, having a high impact factor and listings in places like the UGC, the Web of Science, and Scopus.
  4. Next goal is to encourage commercially viable and patentable research that will benefit society.
  5. To engage in collaborative and cross-disciplinary research.
  6. Maintain a schedule of conferences, workshops, and seminars with speakers with national and international reputations.


  1. Every research work needs to be conducted with the utmost integrity, and that means researchers set an example. The researchers need to be ethical in their practises. Plagiarism is looked down upon very critically. Academic honesty and personal integrity are traits that every researcher should have. Each project submitted for grading must be run by free and premium anti-plagiarism software respectively.
  1. The institution provides leaves under “The Leave rules” to promote research and allows Leave  with  pay  for  attending  conferences  /  seminars  /  workshops  /  FDP/  QIP  to a faculty member  subject  to  approval.



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