Gender Equality 

Gender Equality

In terms of gender, Royal College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (RCPHS) is unique among universities in that it welcomes both men and women as students. Therefore, the Institution was founded on the principle of gender equality. No discrimination based on gender is tolerated in its stated goals and objectives.

Whether it’s the service regulations, bylaws, code of conduct, disciplinary measures, career advancement prospects, roles and duties, the conduct of various events, compensation, or administration, RCPHS’s policies are gender neutral and designed to promote equality for all.

When considering applicants for employment, RCPHS does not discriminate on the basis of gender but rather looks solely at their academic credentials and other relevant factors.

The college’s different committees serve as a model for the fair distribution of power and authority among the college’s teachers and employees. All privileges, facilities, and access to resources are made available to them without discrimination.

According to the terms of employment, workers are entitled to paid time off for both motherhood and fatherhood.

No discrimination on the basis of gender is accepted at RCPHS, and students of both sexes are given the same opportunities to learn and grow in the classroom as well as in the many extracurricular and co-curricular activities available to them.

When it comes to teaching particular topics (HAP, Pathophysiology, Hormonal Changes etc.), for example, gender equality is emphasised in the classroom whenever possible.

This is reinforced by the Mentorship programme, in which faculty mentors provide gender-blind guidance to their mentees on a wide range of sensitive topics, including academic, personal, health, and social concerns.

Nonetheless, initiatives are made to educate students and workers on gender issues in order to eliminate prejudice of any form. Some examples are a Women’s Empowerment programme, an Anti-Discrimination Cell, a Grievance Redressal Committee, and a Disciplinary Committee, all of which are developed and run according to the criteria.

All buildings and the campus are monitored by CCTV cameras, security guards are stationed at the gates and in front of the Girls’ Hostel, and there is an automated fire alarm system with fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment throughout the campus to ensure the safety of all students and employees. The Fire-Safety Committee oversees regular fire exercises.

On campus and in the dorms, there are separate common areas for males and females.

All of these things have contributed to a welcoming atmosphere for people of both sexes, regardless of their position or rank, and have helped advance the cause of gender equality.